Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Roast Pork, Wet Awning & Time Wasters!

Weather nothing special at the moment, so in between showers we managed to get the awning down, a little damp but not seriously wet, so we should be ok! We managed to wipe it down as we went, but must admit to it being a bit of a mystery as to how to get them back into their bags again!

Ive never seen so many earwigs before, they were all hiding inbetween the zips!

Roast Pork, last night, talk about a drama, a small joint of pork should of taken 1 1/2 hrs max to cook but in our cooker it took nearly 4 hrs! Whats all that about!? All the jets were on full blast, and it appeared to be kicking out some heat, but it was just a mega slow cook. So we need to get that looked at, not sure what the problem is or even could be, so if any one has any bright ideas feel free to let us know, as thats a tad to long to wait for my roast! Luckily I wasnt having pre-dinner drinks or I would of been lashed right up by the time it was served!

As we have said our old caravan is up for sale on ebay at the moment, a guy phoned me over the weekend, arranged to view it this morning, I travelled over to where we are keeping it, I called him to see where he was and he said he had changed his mind as the price was going up! Not to sure what he meant by going up, but Ive just checked and its at £46.00 so if thats out of his price range all ready, perhaps he should be looking at getting a load of bin bags together a few sticks and making a tent! So my morning had been wasted by him! Cheers!

Actually a bit disappointed with google today, Ive noticed that the adds that google display match the wording that is written in the blog, so when I wrote about the churches, we had a couple of adds by Billy Graham?, asking us to donate to his brand of christianity and how to become a missionary in Africa, so when I wrote about a murder yesterday, I was looking forward to see what sort of adverts that would attract. As you can see, not what I was expecting! Come on google, pull your socks up (here come the sock adverts)!

Better get off to do some work, as its gone 2pm and nothing achieved yet!

Till later.......

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