Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Stationary Engine Loaded!

Spent the day listing antiques, cheers Bob for the Pork Pie and Dohnuts! We know how to live healthly!

Got back to Shaston and loaded the stationary engine in single handedly, no mean feat, it weights approx 150Kg, its on a trolley but the steel wheels have a mind of their own, and swivel at the front. With a great deal of effort managed to get it into the back with the use of my ramps.

Strapped down well, as you certainly dont want it tipping over as you round a corner! It would make a bit of a mess!

Only two more shows to go this year! This one is being run inconjunction with Swanage steam railway, it should be a great weekend, we also have "M"s daughter and son in law joining us, as its "M"s birthday weekend, so it should be a good one.

We are there from Thursday lunchtime till Monday morning, 4 nights of free camping, with evening entertainment thrown in at the beer tent.

No ehu so we are going to see how long the battery holds out! This is where we could do with a generator to top up the battery. Will have to get one for next year!

Well, all packed here, just need to get a card, my present arrived yesterday, (thanks ebay) so all in hand which makes a real change for me!

Anyway, loads of pictures on my return as we will be off air till tuesday!

Till later.......

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