Thursday, 23 September 2010

Maybe Im mistaken but....

Maybe Im mistaken, but, I thought the whole idea of a ground sheet was to stop you from getting wet feet?

Well after a down pour of rain this morning I squelched my way from one end of the awning to the other and we now have puddles, not so much that it would satisfy a duck, but still a few puddles! Its a breathable brand new ground sheet, I didnt realise it would be taking deep breaths and sucking up water and dispositing it on the wrong side!

So either we have a dud groundsheet or its meant to happen, if anyone can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated!

The tumble drier is now in the awning, the freelander being restored to its rightful purpose of splashing through puddles. (Thats on the road not in our awning)!

Back in Shaston all day today, "M"s long weekend off, so will be having a few ciders tonight as we dont have to get up early tomorrow

Nothing planned for the weekend, maybe off on Sunday to Ashley Heath car boot sale - depending on the weather, just to see if there is any hidden treasure lurking!

If you have any gold or silver you wish to dispose of, let me know, can offer you a better price than anyone off of the tv adverts!!!!

Got to get some more work done today, this blogging can certainly take up a bit of time!

So, till later......


  1. A breathable groundsheet won't stop water coming through as it's made to let air through so it has holes. If somewhere's really muddy we put a non-breathable tarp down first, with the awning flaps under it then the breathable on top. Hope this helps!


  2. Hi that makes sense, but it doesnt do the grass alot of good! Will have to keep an eye on it!