Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thurs 16th Sept - Things are Tight!

Oak Cottage, Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset. Caravan Club listed site.

Well, it was a right old job getting out of that site, but firstly a few things to say about it.

The site was Oak Cottage, Walkford, nr Christchurch Dorset, a Caravan Club listed site, only 5 pitches, and the only good thing about it was that the pitches were a good size and level. However, as I have all ready mentioned, for us with a 7.8 metre caravan it was tight getting in and even worse getting out. I had to unhitch and a friendly caravaner helped me push her back to get a better angle then re-hitched straight to pull through the gateway! No mention of it being tight either in the book or when I called and booked. When I booked I was told it was £9.00 pn incl ehu, thats fine, but when "M" went to pay it had mysteriously increased to £10.00 pn incl ehu, not that its a big deal but with no confirmation letter etc, what can you do!

Filling up with water required donning a rain coat as a hose pipe was connected to the tap and the connection had more leaks than the CIA ! So you were covered in a fine mist depending on which way the wind was blowing, also I wasnt too impressed that the hose pipe was also being used to supply a horse with water and each time I went to refil the hose was sprawling all over the ground!

The elsan point, was a cover in the ground, with no tap nearby, that was situated back next to the drinking water tap! Lifted the cover off, and nearly threw up! It was stinking, it just wasnt clearing away, they must have a blockage somewhere! However, things got worse, swung out the nozel on the thetford cassette, forgot to take off the sliding top plate, tipped the cassette over the edge, and in slid the top plate! There was no way I could lean down in as A) it was too deep, and B) I would of been overcome by the smell! So with the help of two branches used them as tweezers and hauled the top plate out, washed it off, as I had luckily brought a 5 litre container full of water with me to sluice out the cassette. Trundled back to the van, thinking that of all the elsans Ive emptied into, that had got to of been one of the worst!

Now, Im a dog lover, we have one! "China" So am not worried or afraid of dogs, and as a responsible dog owner always have her on a lead, and always clean up after her. However, I do object to the owners dog being loose, therefore, having to keep "China" inside the van, and then their dog crapping in front of our car! Then to make matters worse, this morning it growled and started to bark at me! Very unfriendly, the owner called it in, but not a word of appology to me! If I had been afraid of dogs, I could of freaked out!

They also didnt mention that they had a railway line right next to the site! A tad noisy!

So Oak Cottage, hope you get to see this, as we for one will not be coming back to stay at your site! Personally for 3 nights Id rather find a site with no ehu in a big field!

It took a while to work my way over to Berwick St John Country Fair, but we are in, and settled with a lovely view out over the site and on level ground! Being one of the first in has its advantages, in fact we were 2nd in!

"China" not that impressed as its been recently cut from corn and the stubble is short and just about belly height, she tip toes about! Cant be nice getting spiked all the time!

Went to fill up with water, filled up the aqua roll, went to turn the tap off and the whole lot came off in my hand - honest guv'nor it just fell off! With no way to shut off the water I then had to go in search of an organiser. I did have a half hearted attempt and pushing it back on, but the pressure was too great, and I didnt fancy getting wetter than I all ready was!

I have a mate who's a plumber, I wont mention his name, but the thought did cross my mind if it was him who had installed the tap! Those of you who know us personally will know exactly who we are talking about!

We have also used up one whole 6kg bottle of gas today, not bad I guess, 21 nights of cooking, lots of cups of tea, and running the fridge and heating water for showers for 5 nights whilst off ehu.

This was one of the things that we were unsure, how much gas we were going to use. Not sure if that is good or bad so will keep an eye out over the next 3 weeks, to see if we use the same amount.

We have also sussed the oven not heating up, it was all down to operator error, and physics!

I didnt notice but when "M" was cooking the pork joint it was sitting low in the oven, as heat rises, this wasnt the best place for it to cook. We borrowed an oven thermometer, tried it out and on the top shelf it reached a respectable 200c. At least we now know nothing is wrong with the oven! "M" is concerned how we are going to roast a chicken as it will have to sit low to get it in the oven, my only answer was to run it over first then we could slide it under the grill. "M" not impressed with my humour!

Well back in Shaston today, to tap the keys and get some books listed, we have a guy coming over to collect the fridge/freezer this evening, it went for £82.00 a very good price!

They also came and collected our old caravan yesterday, and took it off to become a kids den! At least it will see some more life, before it finally has to go to the scrap heap!

More pictures of Berwick show later....

Oh and whats your excuse for not attending? Im pretty sure its a free entry, they just rattle a bucket under your nose for donations!

Till later.....

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