Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sun 29th - On The Road Again!

Woke up early but drifted back to sleep with a thick head, otherwise known as cider fuzz! Used the gas to fire up the water and a hot shower soon brought me back to a near human state. Its great being totally self sufficient, no ehu in sight either!

"M" got the breakfast on the go, and yes, double yokers again!!

Double Yokers!!!!!
Heading back to New Milton today, as its "M"s daughters birthday bbq so we are staying near by at Orchard Lakes, we are not in the top site, but down in the bottom site, again with no EHU, only £5.00 for the night - Bargain!

The bottom sites grass was a little long, and on a gentle slope, only two gripes about this site, firstly that the rubbish could of done with being emptied, as it was piled up and over the waste bins! It was clear that it hadnt been done for a few days, but did see someone clear it out whilst we were there, and no doubt as a result there was a wasp nest somewhere close by as there were hundreds of them! So glad we had flyscreens, if we had been in the old van we would of had to of moved, as they were everywhere! (Forgot to mention its not a big site with only 5 vans on site whilst we were there)

Rubbish point! Not a pretty site, and they wonder why they had wasps!
A slight lean to the left, need to get some levelling ramps (or old lengths of wood)!

"M"s daughter and her husband certainly put on a feast, Jack was bbqing for around 4 hours solid, loads of people there. I was driving so on cups of tea, to be honest I was still recovering a little bit so glad of a night off the booze! We left around 7.30pm and headed back via Barton-on-sea. We both ended up crashing early, it must be all this fresh air, when ever we have been away we always end up in bed early totally shattered!

Off to our next site tomorrow, in between Horton and 3 legged cross, precise location kept secret till we have left!

We are also going to be putting up the awning for the first time!

till later.......

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