Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Awning Hell!

Well, no records broken last night putting the awning up!

We couldnt find the diagram for laying out the poles, so by a process of elimination, scratching heads, and getting wound up, we managed to get the awning up - I was still hitting in tent pegs in the dark, so not terribly impressed!

But, its up now, so worth it in the end!

Daddy long legs, seem to be getting every where, in the shower, in my car, and in my cereal! They appear to have the flying ability of a lama no direction, and no contingency plan if they get it wrong! Evolution must of skipped them by, as I can see no logic in anything that they do!

Ive been at Bob's today tapping keys, he will shortly have a splendid collection of Masonic jewels for sale on ebay.

This Friday will be our 30th night in the caravan! Not sure where the time has gone, it has flown by. So far it has all been easy, lets hope things stay this way!

Tonight Im taking back a few things to fill out the awning like Chinas wicker dog bed, and the bookcase, plus anything else that I trip over in the lock up!

I havent really cleared much out of the lock up yet, its fit to bursting still, but am looking at another lockup in Ringwood which would be in addition to what we have all ready which would ease the situation. However, I dont think it would take long to fill it!

First thing this morning I took a trip in to Matchams car boot sale, it started at 6.00am but I got there around 7.30am, to be honest not alot there, which was a little disappointing, but unless you go you never know. Met another dealer who I know, but that was it, left and went home and had Cherios with daddy longs legs swimming in it!

Tapping keys again now, just for an hour, then off back, so..

Till later.........

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