Monday, 6 September 2010

There's Been A Murder! And we saw it!!!

More about the murder in a minute! You need to read the other part of the blog first! I know such a tease!

We had on Saturday night one of my oldest and best friends coming over and staying the night with his young lad Thomas! He turned up bearing gifts of chocolate, champagne and some fine ale! His camper van is off the road at the moment with ecu problems which is different from emu or gnu problems, but only just. Having an emu as a problem on a merc van would probably be cheaper! So he drove over in his disco, after we said no probs you can have the annex - once you have helped me put it up!

Out with the annex, poles all laid out, 1 bloody missing! We did manage to bodge it and managed to get it up using only 2 roof supports rather than 3 but as a result it has bent the main pole on the main awning. So not terribly impressed. I have contacted the dealer this morning and they are looking into - phone just went, it was the manufacturer of the awning who are sending me a new pole out today - Well done Durema (not sure of the spelling)!

Lopsided annex after bodging poles to get it up!
A baggy looking inner tent! (note bookcase with fresh basil growing)

Had a good night, and amazingly didnt feel like death the next day! Mikki cooked some wicked chilli chicken fajitas washed down with some fine ale, the champagne and some cider brewed by the devil himself!

Sunday was spent lazing around, Mikkis mum and her partner came over to see our van for the first time, not too sure what Mikkis mum made of it all, her main comment based on nothing was that we will be cold in the winter!

Wonder if that means we wont be getting many visits!

Back to the murder! It happened right outside our door as well! It was around 9.00pm it was dark and the wind was picking up a little, a few drops of rain could be heard pitter pattering on the roof, (with lines like that I should right a thriller)  we were both outside in the awning noticing that we had managed to attract a large amount of spiders in various shapes and sizes. Some had woven webs, others just dangling around, and the some running around over the flooring! By the door was a rather splendid web and sat in the middle was a reasonably large spider with black and white stripped legs, he looked the business, so I certainly wasnt going to mess with him, after earlier in the year being bitten by a spider and my hand going numb! I kid you not, it was bloody painful as well!

Anyway, watching this spider another smaller spider tent - itively (excuse the pun) climbed onto the web, crawled upto the other spider and attacked it, it did this at least a dozen times, resulting in the death of the large black and white stripped spider! We left them to it, with the big spider screwed up in a ball, and the other smaller one, climbing all over it! This morning, the equivilent of a clean up squad must of arrived as not a shred of evidence is left, the two spiders, complete with the web has totally vanished! A bit of a james bond assassination type squad thing going on in the spider world! And its happening out side our door!

Other creepy crawlies are earwigs, and they are massive, at least they are not re-arranging the furniture  - yet, but they are rather large.

I guess if your a little screamish, camping is not for you, must admit as I said earlier, after being bitten earlier this year, am not a great fan of spiders anymore! It would be an endless task to try and get rid of them, so thank goodness for flyscreens!

If it remains dry today the awning is coming down, as we are due to move on Thurs!

Had a bit of a mishap with the car, forgot to close the windows up, so key in ignition, lent in did the windows up, forgot to take key out - yep - flat battery! Gully towed me up the track trying to bump start it, it would start but as soon as the clutch went down the engine died. Quickly solved the problem as it was the immobiliser kicking in, just enough juice to de-activate it and she fired up straight away, took her for a trip round the area to give it a recharge, fired up ok today!

In Shaston today, and when we get back later we will be trying out the oven for the first time by cooking roast pork with all the trimmings! Oh yes!

More on the packing of the awning, roast pork and spider murders later.....

Sunrise 6.30am Monday Morning
Our Fiat 500 1.4 Sport - Rocket on Wheels!
Not sure why I included the car on here, I just like looking at it so added it! Its my blog!

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