Sunday, 1 May 2011

Abbey Hill Steam Rally - Day 3 And Our 250th Consecutive Night!

Another day here at the Abbey Hill Steam Rally.

Thankfully the weather is holding up, a quick shower during the night, and still a little breezy but reasonably warm, Im sat in the awning entrance in shorts and shirt.

We gave the engine a good clean up this morning, it was in need of it! It now looks rather smart and we even had a comment from another Wolseley owner saying how good it looked! That was nice coming from an experienced engine owner!

A bit of  lazy start to the day, we didnt fire up the engine till nearly 1100 hrs and Ill be switching it off around 1600 hrs. In that time I will of used approx 1.5litres of fuel. Not bad for an old engine.

We went and had a look around yesterday and I took a few more photographs that Ive added on to the bottom.

Yesterday evening we went for a bite to eat across the road at the Rugby Club and afterwards wished we hadnt, it was rubbish! I guess we are used to eating good food. Wont be doing that again!

After that we had a wander up to the beer tent to see what the band was like, they were ok, we stayed around by the steam engines for a bit, these were parked up outside the beer tent, then we made our way back to the van.

I cant believe how tired we get at these shows, its the same everytime we do one! In bed for around 2300 and out like a light!

Bacon and eggs on the cadac this morning and later on today we will be roasting a whole chicken with roast potatoes and parsnips as well! Just to make the other campers around envious!

Its been overcast all day, and we havent seen that many people walk by which is a shame as so much effort goes into these shows, with all of it being done by volunteers.
View From The Awning

Engine Now Gleaming!

"M" Bulling Up The Brass Fire Extinguisher!

Steam Rollers

Steam Lorries

Showmans Engine And Steam Crane

Field Marshall Tractor

Now Thats What You Call A Caravan!
Well, better get back to work, I brought a load of postcards with me, and Ive been busy the last couple of days editing the pictures, ready to be listed today! So its not all sitting around and watching the world go by!

Till later...........


  1. I vote for cooking at camp at the caravan from now on - that seems to be where you get the best food, and it sure sounds good from what I'm reading here!

  2. I second that! how do we get an invite for lunch. Do you do the Netley Marsh Steam Rally I used to go to that one every year and loved it

  3. Good to see you're behaving yourselves LOL!
    Thanks for the tip about the Cadacs - we got one but it was the model without the lid - the lid is now ordered!
    Haven't tried it out yet but it's only a matter of time given this nice spell of weather......

  4. Netley Marsh Rally, we are on the reserve list if someone drops out we are in!

    Invites to lunch! let us know when and bring vino! Simples!

    The cadac is brilliant, check out or roast chicken on our latest post!