Monday, 23 May 2011

Moving On From Three Okefords Vintage Rally 2011

Yesterday, being Sunday, we had a quick wander around to see some of the vehicles on display.

When you do as many shows as we do, you tend to find that its the same old vehicles that go around to each show. Nothing at all wrong with that, but we are always on the look out for new and interesting vehicles.

We did manage to come across a couple which I took some pics of and have included for you.
USA Half Track dated to WW2

Two immaculately turned out lorries in F Compton livery

Ive never seen this one before, and not sure of the make either

A good example of a Thames Trader

The working area is always a good place to while away some time!

400+bhp running methanol mix - awesome!

OK, difficult to shoot, but how much can the driver see?

Now, thats what you call a truck! Wonder if he takes it out in the wet - all that chrome!

The last picture above is from the front of our caravan this morning, just before we left! Its pretty empty! The beer tent is almost down. We were not the last to leave but not far from it!

We came back to our present site, got onto our pitch straight away, as we all ready new where they wanted us to go, and set up. We have only put up the small awning as we are only here till Friday morning, then off again to our next rally!

Our next rally is Selwood Vintage Rally nr Trowbridge which is next weekend, and goes on for three days. We have never been before so looking forward to a new scene!

We aim to arrive there lunch time on Friday, pitch the van, then head back to Gillingham Dorset, to collect our engine which I left at my parents house.

Then head back upto Selwood for a weekend of relaxation (once more)!

Between now and then though its flat out with work, Ive just finished invoicing tonights sale. It could of been better, but then again, it could of been worse. So, I take what I can and when I can get it. No good grumbling about it.

So tomorrow, Im packing, then listing items which I took photographs of this afternoon. I also did all the measuring of the clothes this afternoon. Then just more of the same. Ive set myself a target of 50 items up by Thursday evening.

Well, thats our second show done and dusted! Time is flying by.

Till later..................


  1. It looks nice weather there - we spent the weekend at a volskwagen show in a howling gale. :(
    Love those old trucks you took photos of.

  2. Was a good show, especially the tractor pulling.
    The same tractor pullers are coming to Mosterton show too!

  3. See you at Mosterton! Booked in with our engine.