Saturday, 28 May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011 Saturday!

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011

We packed up on friday morning and aimed to be away just before 12, which is the time that in all the books and guides say you should be away by.

Not our fault if the people who are next on our pitch arrive a couple of hours early!

The face on the women would of curdeled milk!

So with that in mind, it was 1155 before I pulled away!

We then drove upto Selwood which is just on the outskirts of Trowbridge in Wiltshire. We arrived on site, found a large pitch to drive straight onto, and set up. We put up the small awning which makes life alot easier for us.

We are roped in under health and safety laws, and we also have to have Public Liability insurance as well. Thankfully its not expensive.

Once we were set up we then had to make the trip back to Gillingham to get the engine.

We finally made it back after doing a quick shop in Tescos (another £92.00)! you dont get alot for your money! Once unpacked, it was time for a pint!

A few pints of guiness and we headed out for a wander around the site. Not a big rally, similar to Three Okefords, which to us is just right!

However, we wandered past the beer tent, stuck our heads in, and decided that a quick half wouldnt be such a bad idea. Oh dear. They had Chedder Valley cider on and it went down rather well. It has a distinct colour, almost orange! but dont let that put you off.

We staggered back a couple of hours later, to attempt to cook on the cadac, and then stumble into bed!

Woke up during the night for a pee, and felt as if I had been mugged, pulled through a hedge, and left out in the rain. It was not good!

Its now 1445 and Im just about feeling normal!

The engine fired up straight away, but its now undercover as its started to rain. Its a shame for the show, but you cant risk ruining your engine by running it in the wet. The magneto does not like damp conditions.

We have taken another walk around the site, and there are some interesting things to see, well, only interesting if your into these sort of things I guess.

Ive taken some pictures which Ill add on later.

So thats day 1 of the show! two days left, lets hope the weather gets a bit better!

Till later...............

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