Monday, 2 May 2011

Abbey Hill Steam Rally - Day 4

Day 4 of the rally, and its a bit windy! Which Im afraid seems to of put people off coming. Its been very queit today, so much so that alot of exhibitors were packing up at 1400hrs and going home themselves!

Not us though! Another night here, well, why not its free camping!

I would estimate that 95% of exhibitors have packed up and gone home only leaving a few die hards left!

Its funny as I was out cooking on the cadac again this evening I said to "M" that this time last year when ever we left a rally we would always say, wouldnt it be brilliant just to pack up and move onto the next camp site. Funny how things turned out! So becareful what you wish for!

Really looking forward to going back to our favourite camp site. We have our old pitch back as well, lovely and secluded with masses of space around us. Very quiet and peaceful, just what you need after a long day slaving over a hot laptop!

Talking briefly of work, took a phone call from a new potential client today, I was recommended to him and am off to visit him on Wednesday morning! Looks like it could be alot of work, which would be great news!

I took the engine back to our unit this evening and was back for 1900hrs, just enough time for a shower and then cooked Italian sausages, a couple of small burgers, lime and corriander chicken and a piece of chicken tikka. Plenty of salad and a pint of blackthorn washed it down.

Yesterday, I went out and about and took a few pictures of caravans, thought Id better as this is a blog with a strong caravan influence!

So here are a few that I found.

A pair of Dandy trailer tents being towed both by vintage Citreon vans

Not sure of make, but has seen better days, but still in use!

Home made trailer/caravan complete with awning, TV and Fridge inside trailer!

Pop Up!

Home made trailer tent built by Gent seated 1977

As above

Not sure of make - Any ideas?

Eccles 1933 For Sale At £9500

1966 Dovetail Minum

As Above

Cheltenham Sable 1969

Sprite Cadet 1970

Viking Fibreline

Roast Chicken

Finally. Yes, Roast chicken roast potatoes and parsnips can be cooked on the versatile cadac. That was our Sunday lunch! The envy of many a camper!

Up fairly early tomorrow, we are on the move and when we get to the camp site the big awning has to be collected and put up. Along with retrieving the 500 from Woodgreen which is where we left it!

So till later...............


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