Sunday, 29 May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011 Pictures!!

Ive taken a few pictures of some of the more interesting vehicles, or so I think so!

Plus a few of our set up.

This little beauty is a Winget I like the lights!

A David Brown Tractor, looks to good to be used as a working vehicle!

Badged a Dodge, but a Commer?

Commer and a Mk1 Transit

Havent been able to find any info on this one yet!

Based on a 2CV

Triumph Tiger Cub "M" used to own one of these!

I found that the cadac cover fitted my engine perfectly!

Our set up on the rally field

This is the oil lamp I bought from ebay, cheap as chips and gives out good light!

Roast beef coming along nicely! Potatoes and Parsnips added just after

The finished product, we also cooked Yorkshire Pudding on the cadac, they turned out brilliant!

The view from the awning after eating - too stuffed to move!

So there you go, our life in a caravan on a rally field, not bad hey?

Till later...................

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