Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Ebay Nightmare Continues....

Ive been busy helping someone out with their ebay account, to say its a mess is an understatement!

His ex-employee totally ran it into the ground, not sending items out, and not refunding, the trouble is when these things happen, you have no control over what others do.

At present because there is little or no paperwork, I cant see if things have been sent out or not, so the first time I know anything about it is when a Negative feedback appears on his account!

Through no fault of his own, as he trusted his ex-employee to do the job and left him to get on with it, he is now £1000's of pounds out of pocket, and refunding like mad!

Not a good place to be in right now! Thankfully my own site house*of*jeeves is run a little better! Im afraid you always will get a muppet who leaves a neg feedback, you would of needed to of delivered their item on a silk pillow for free, to make some people happy!

So when you do start to sell alot of items, you should expect to get a couple of Negs, its a shame, all they have to do is talk to you, but no, that would be way to simple. Instead they like the power trip of leaving a neg!

I just wonder what would happen to ebay.co.uk   if ever they had any real competition? At the moment there is nothing close, all though Amazon.com for new items can often be better.

Ive tried various different auction sites, with no success at all. Ebay are the market leaders and have the generic name, but give it a few more years, and I think a new format will of been devised, and ebay Im afraid to say may well be old hat!

Ebay has certainly changed and evolved over the last few years, and not always for the better! Some times I think they change things just for the hell of it!

I also know of several dealers having problems with paypal at the moment. Paypal with holding money and causing some real dramas! All totally unnecessary as well, if only they took time to talk to their sellers who are also their customers!

This is the problem with the internet, and buying on line, yes its what earns me a crust, but it really is so sterile. 

You can do all your shopping online, buy clothes, vitamins, even a wife! Where will it all end!

Im waiting now for the bookaburial.com you are given a wristband that measures your pulse which also has a GPS transmitter in it, When you stop breathing it sends a message back to their HQ, a hearse is dispatched to your location, and off you go to your pre-chosen plot, flowers ordered, choir singing, Amen!

On that note, off to walk China dog, for real and not virtually! (just googled and there is a walkmydog.co.uk !!

Till later............

Just checked bookaburial.com is still available!!!! Should I register it?


  1. LOL bookaburial.com :)

    It could work however you would possibly need to get payment upfront as we all know how long the probate could take!!!!! and that would mean waiting for a long time to be paid.

    Yes, sadly ebay is a bit of a monopoly and now they own paypal they do have it locked down!

  2. Bookaburial.com sounds good. Then again it could be a dead end