Monday, 16 May 2011

Ebay Struggle!

Ebay is a fantastic format, but it does have plenty of down sides!

As a buyer as long as you are switched on you are fine, fully protected and have the backup of a major organisation, which acts first then seldom thinks about things afterwards. However, this is always in the buyers favour.

As a seller, its a bloody nightmare! You are hammered from every angle. Ive been involved the last few weeks with trying to sort out an ebay account. Through no fault of his own, an ex employee caused no ends of problems, with missing stock, no tracking numbers and non existent paperwork. Its difficult enough without having all the hassles of trying to piece together a jigsaw with half the pieces missing.

A decision has been made, to wrap up the account, and put the whole business through myself.

So bakers-cottage is no more and born is "house*of*jeeves" it was time to change the name any way!

A change of direction again for me, no more postcards or books, well, maybe a few, and now loads of tweed jackets, smart city suits, classic brogues and some fantastic hats!

So no time at all to sit and look out the awning window and watch the squirrels! boo hoo! Oh well, I cant say that the extra pennies wont come in handy!

This week is a bit of a nightmare, Ive been trying to wriggle out of a funeral, but now Im going, and then on Thurs evening we move location! Off to the Three Okefords Vintage Rally at Shillingstone.

Not enough hours in the day, I need around a 32 hour day to get all the things done that I want to get done.

Well, its late now so off to bed as up early again tomorrow!

Till later............

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  1. EBAY - chances are , you will never be done , its labour intensive if your taking quality photograghs and adding decent descritions ... theres always going to be more stock around and easy to fill a warehouse ! your gonna have to pace yourself and decide how much you can actually do , and how much you want to do !.... dont enter the rat race , time as always is your enemy !