Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kempton Antiques Fair

I met George up at my unit at around 1830 yesterday, and once we had sorted a few things out, we were on our way up to Kempton Race Course.

As Ive said, Ive never been before, Ive heard that its a big fair, so was eager to see it for myself.

We got upto Kempton around 2200 hrs, and parked up on the side of the road, we were no 7 in the que!

Time to walk down to the garage and get a bite to eat, we did contemplate walking a bit further for a pint, but thought it not a wise idea, so armed with sandwiches and the like headed back to the van.

Around midnight we tried to settle for a bit of kip, but being sat bolt up right is not the best way to get a bit of shut eye, so what with listening to the radio and getting to know more about each by telling stories of past experiences it soon came around to 0230hrs when the gates open!

It was like wacky races, a mad dash for the best spots! We got where we wanted to be and unloaded the van enough so that George could crash on a sofa he was selling and I got the cab. Managed just over an hours kip and got up at 0500hrs, looked out the window and who should I see but a dealer we call wibbly wobbly from Shaston just 5 vehicles away!

Dealer wise there were hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, it was a real experience to see so many dealers. Buyers, sadly were lacking, even with the sun shining it was a bit quiet.

However, we did ok, could of been alot better, but could of been alot worse.  Later in the day I bumped into an old dealer who I havent seen in a couple of years, since the days when I was working at Hogspear! It was good to see him again, and he also knew George, small world!

We packed up around 1230 and headed for the hills, we were one of the first to leave, but hanging around for another hour for maybe £30 didnt seem like a good use of time.

When we got to the unit, we unloaded everything into it, and now its full to the rafters!

Got a lift back to the caravan, I think I surprised George, due to the size of the van!

I then headed into Ringwood to see "M" and China dog. Apparently China didnt settle last night, "M" said she enjoyed having the bed to herself. At least China missed me.

Its not late, but Im off to bed, another very busy day tomorrow, so,

Till later.................

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