Sunday, 29 May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally - Saturday And An Indian Meal

We wrapped the engine up around 1500hrs yesterday, and that was it for the day due to the weather which was a bit of a shame!

So with nothing else to do (pure luxury) took advantage of the situation and had a couple of hours of kip!

Left "M" with the generator running and the laptop (note - she didn't blog)!

Anyway, once I surfaced feeling so much better, we decided that a trip into Trowbridge to find a cash point and whilst we were there we would look out for an Indian restaurant.

We managed to find a cashpoint, but the only Indian we could find looked run down and a bit dodgy, which sort of sums Trowbridge up! Sorry if you come from there, but it really did look shabby, even with some new building work.

I suppose we should of googled or is that googarrrrred restaurants in Trowbridge before we went, but we didn't, still a bit old fashioned I guess! And anyway, where is the fun in that! Better to drive around for 30 mins and do a bit of exploring!

So in the end we headed over to Bradford on Avon and found a restaurant there called the Maharaj which can be found here LINK A warm welcome, the food was fresh and well cooked, could of done with a little more meat in the dishes, but otherwise a very good meal, and very reasonable as well! Its set in what looks like an old Victorian shop, small but that does mean the place isn't packed and under staffed! So we can recommend this place if your in the area, its worth a visit.

Once back on site, we headed over to the beer tent to see what the band was like. A bloke playing piano and a lady singing, ok, not everyone's cup of tea and I'm afraid not ours either, so we stayed outside and had a pint in the warm glow of a steam engine! Had a chat with some other like minded souls, and then headed back feeling stuffed from our meal.

Had a lie in this morning, no rush to get up, and got the engine fired up around 1030. Still overcast but dry so far!

Cooked breakfast on the cadac, and later on we will be attempting to cook roast beef on it. We have roasted chicken and pork successfully so beef shouldn't be a problem. Looking forward to that later!

Our engine is running sweetly, no problems with it at all, and for something thats 60+ years old very economical on fuel! It uses around 2 litres over a 6 hour period. I don't think that is too bad.

Not many people walking around here yet today, its now 1250. Maybe they are all at lunch!?

This is our third rally of the season, the time seems to be flying by! Thats May done and dusted as well! Half way through the year all ready!

We were talking about that last night, and for those of you who are new to full timing, and not done a winter yet, hope its not too much of a shock for you when the cold starts to bite in. Not for one moment will you be cold in your caravans, but it does take some considerable effort to change water, empty loo's when you cant feel your fingers!

If we can cope then so can anyone!

Ive been off normal tea for a while now, instead I'm drinking Green Tea and my favourite being Twinings Camomile with Honey and Vanilla. Today, after breakfast I had a normal brew with milk, and it tasted revolting! Never did I ever imagine I would become hooked on herbal teas!

Must be going soft! Ill be sprinkling lavender water around next and rubbing body butter on!

If you go to their website at Twinings you can have some free samples sent to you, give it a go, I was very anti them before, if ever asked would you like a herbal tea, my response wasn't very polite! Now look at me!

Anyway, off for a cuppa

Till later.....................

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