Friday, 13 May 2011

All Change At Ebay!

Well, its been a bit hectic on the ebay scene, the site that I have been working on is taking some time to sort out due to an ex-employee committing serious amounts of fraud!

Basically the ex-employee was saying that items were being sent and not sending them! As you can imagine it has caused many problems, which has been a nightmare to try and sort out.

Ebay not being the most helpful to sellers! So Ive stopped listing on the account called "bertie*woosters" and am currently listing on my own site called "house*of*jeeves" Yes, a bit of a theme going on there, but it was time for us to change our ebay name anyway as that was the name of our old house!

Tonight Ive got 40 items going up at just after 2100 hrs, lots of vintage clothing and shoes!

This has kept me busy all week, with new stock arriving today as well, some lovely mink stoles and coats, and an amazing Henry Poole coat, those will be up shortly.

There is no shortage of stock, my unit is now rammed to the rafters, so to ease the situation we are off to do a car boot sale on Sunday with three rails of tweed jackets and a full rail of leather jackets! So we will see how we get on with that lot! lets just hope the weather stays fine!

I had an email back from the organisers of Abbey Hill Steam Rally, as they had seen my blog when searching for themselves on google, I was making the first page on google so not bad!

Another successful show, which is great to hear, and the fact that they are open to suggestion is also a bonus and good to hear!

The clouds are bubbling up here, which isnt good as we have chicken tikka on the cadac! 10 more mins and it will be done, please dont rain in that time!

"M" is working tomorrow morning, Im up the unit, and then in the afternoon I think we are off to New Milton to see "M"s daughter and son in law as its his birthday.

Another week has rolled by, I really dont know where the time is going! We are half way through May all ready.

We move from here next Thursday evening, down to Shillingstone, ready for the show over the weekend. Really looking forward to this one. Cant wait!

An early night, this week has been knackering!

So till later...................

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