Sunday, 15 May 2011 Possibly The Best Food In England!

Its been a bit of a hectic weekend!

Saturday we both worked up until lunch time, then we headed over to "M"s daughter and son inlaws as it was Jacks birthday, he was having a little gathering for a BBQ, gas bbq and it wasnt a cadac! Still he had some rather nice lamb burgers!

We met up with Kev, he was the guy who if you remember had the garage door spring wack into his head leaving him in intensive care for a while, he isnt back at work yet, his only problem seems to be that he hasnt got the memory he used to have. He is off to see a specialist shortly which hopefully will give him the green light to go back to work, which he feels he needs to do to stop him going stir crazy. Being an active guy, taking it easy is tough going!

Mind you, its nothing short of a miracle he is still with us, especially when you see the size of the scar which is something like the size of a horse shoe on his head!

When we got back we watched a DVD and crashed out.

Up with the sparrows this morning and off to Ashley Heath car boot sale, as we got there early we were in the first field and had a cracking pitch. We did well, which was good as we could do with a few extra pennies!

As a reward for getting up at the crack of dawn, we tried out a new pub. We are so glad that we did. If you are anywhere near here you need to try The Stocks Inn at Furzehill Wimborne Dorset BH21 4HT there number is 01202 882481.

I cannot begin to tell you how good the food was, I had fish and chips and "M" had roast beef. The batter on my fish was incredible and the fish moist and very tasty. "M" couldn't fault her roast either. Then deserts! "M" had lemon meringue pie and I had Jamaican ginger cheese cake, when she said would you like ice cream or cream with it I almost died! So I had the less fattening of the two and had vanilla ice cream!

The whole meal with a glass of vino, 3 pints of guiness, a bombay saphire G and T, a coffee, 2 mains and 2 deserts - £48.00 so not only value for money but the most incredible food Ive had in a pub in ages!

As you can imagine the diet went right out the window, but as we are good for 99% of the time, I dont see the harm or to be honest care that we blow out every now and again! Good for the soul if not for the waist line!

Well, its Sunday evening, and its been a long day, so,

Till later............

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  1. Ah man, we were in Wimborne for the Wedding BH weekend - could have done with a good recommendation. The poor family had to suffer with my cooking (and no Cadac, either) ;-)