Friday, 20 May 2011

Arrived Shillingstone

We arrived here at Shillingstone just after 1800hrs this evening, quickly set up, no awning as there is not enough room, according to the marshal who showed us in.

We may be able to sneak it up tomorrow, if we get the chance!

Once we were unpacked, we wizzed back to get the stationary engine, got back here and cracked open the cider!

"M" made some wicked chicken kebabs which of course were done on the cadac, and we got the woodburner out and got that glowing to keep us warm as there is still quite a nip in the air.

Then once we had eaten and it was a bit too cold to sit outside, I thought I would see if the dongle would work, and yep, it does, hence this post!

I always check the stats on the blog to see what is happening and to see where people are finding us.

To my delight and surprise I found that we have been added to I wrote a guest post a few weeks ago, and had forgotten all about it! Nice to see it up on someone else's site!

Well, suffering from cider fuzz so off to bed, no alarm in the morning - lush!

till later...............


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog.
    Ive just bought a Cadac to use when we go away in the caravan. Not used it yet. Do you have any good tips or recipes to pass on?
    Would love to see a pic of your woodburner too.

  2. Hi Pam, you can cook anything on a cadac! we have cooked plenty of fish, roasted a chicken and a joint of pork, stir fries, BBQ's it cooks thick potato wedges brillianty, just anything you like, experiment and have fun!