Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011

Selwood Vintage Rally 28th - 30th May 2011

We travel to our next rally this friday, we havent been to this one before so looking forward to it.

This is our 3rd rally of the year, after taking part at Abbey Hill and Three Okefords all ready.

The time is flying by!

We our hoping to get up there for lunch time, they say you cant get in before 12 noon, but I would put money on people all ready being in and set up by the time we get there. It always happens.

I havent looked at the weather forecast yet, lets hope it stays dry. We have been lucky so far.

Im flat out with work, trying to get 50 items up for the sale starting this friday, I reckon Ill just about get there, as long as nothing goes wrong tomorrow.

We went to fat club earlier this evening, we both managed to maintain our weight. I was pleased with that as I drank quite a bit over the weekend, had a portion of chips and ate a whole cherry cake! So to maintain is nothing short of a miracle. If only they could make a no calorie cider with the same taste and alcohol content as blackthorn Id be happy!

Our last night here tomorrow, just doing a quick check and this is our 274th consecutive night in our caravan!

Everything on the van is holding up well, nothing has dropped off or broken, so Lunar build quaility is to be recommended.

Its fairly quite here on site, with just another caravan and a couple of motorhomes that seem to come and go. Mind you, we are so far apart, you dont know who is here and who isnt, we cant see another soul from where we are pitched.

"M" has gone off to bed, so Im just finishing off, another busy day tomorrow, so

Till later......................

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