Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bertie Wooster's Vintage Clothing Shop Back Up And Running!

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was now involved in a bit of a new and major project, well, its early days yet, but we have relaunced Bertie Wooster's Vintage Clothing.

Bertie Wooster apart from being a fictional character was also a number of vintage clothing shops in London owned and operated by George Cazenove, frequented by the likes of Madonna who made it a regular place to shop! The shops closed down a number of years ago due to spiraling business rates.

In recent months ebay was tried, which due to a now ex-employee didnt do as well as it could of, due to the fact that the now ex-employee was a tad sticky fingered and lazy! In fact Wooster would say a bit of a bounder!

So you could say that Im now acting as Jeeves and trying to sort out the mess and taking things to the next level. A challenge that Im enjoying immensely.

Our first items go up for sale on ebay this evening! A mixture of vintage tweed jackets and coats, plus a few pairs of high quality shoes.

You can find us on ebay at bertie*woosters like I say still trying to sort out problems which have gone on in the past, but now that its got a steady hand on the tiller we should make some progress.

Ive all ready mentioned that "M" and I have sold vintage clothing in the past, but not on this level. We are talking quality and quantity. George is the buyer and I do the selling, its that simple. We have everything we need to make it a real success, the only thing we are short of is hours in the day!

So please if you get a chance click on the above link and take a look at the ebay site and dont forget to tell me what you think. Your feedback would be most welcome whilst we are fine tuning the listings!

Well, its been another long day, and tomorrow and even longer one! So,

Till later..............


  1. I was worried when Cazenoe_and_clothes dissapeared, but now you're back. Maybe I will now get the jacket I want.

  2. Good Luck to you.

  3. This is Jamie,

    Good luck to George and yourself.

  4. How lucky you are to have parted company, it would always have ended in tears (for you)
    Best to work with true gentlemen

  5. Sounds as if you know more than you are letting on! regards J

  6. hello
    would it be possible to have an update of the situation?
    any contact details?
    kind regards

  7. Hi Francis, Im sorry but this little ventured did not work out, so we parted company. I do not have contact details, as I would like to erase this period of time from my memory! It was neither profitable or enjoyable.