Friday, 20 May 2011

Three Okefords Preservation Society Rally

Here we are at Shillingstone in Dorset, at the Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally I will get around to uploading pictures tomorrow!

We are a bit packed in like sardines, but, its only for a couple of nights so not too bad!

Friends should be arriving later on this evening, so looking forward to having a few pints too many!

Firing up the cadac shortly, to get a bit of food inside us before we start drinking, a wise move I reckon!

Was talking earlier to one of the other guys here at the rally, he's a bit local yokel, if you get my drift, anyway, he was telling me he has just started a computer course, and he has been looking at Googar (said in West Country accent) so more of a Gooogarrrrrrrrr, Googar I replied, yep he said you know, you type in a word and it finds things for you, Oh, Google, yep thats the one Gooooogarrrrrr! I had to try and stop myself laughing at that point!

Bless him, he is entertaining!

The show starts tomorrow morning at 1000hrs, should just be up by then.

The engine is out, and ready to go, fingers crossed for no problems with it and smooth running all weekend!

We nipped into tescos earlier, £95.00 later we walk out with a small trolley full! Its getting so expensive isnt it! We only bought a rake of meat, fruit and a few beers! A few years ago, for that you would come out with a colour TV and a lawnmower as well!

We also popped in to see my parents, I mowed the lawn and "M" had a quick wizz round cleaning, as Mum bust her ankle a while back and is still not 100% and Dad is struggling a little getting out of breath very easily!

Back on site again now, and the sun is shining, but not sure for how long as there is alot of cloud around. But as we are in, Im not worried if it does rain.

If its only light rain, Ill run the engine, but if its raining hard, Im afraid the engine stays covered up. So lets hope for dry weather.

Better be off its cider and cadac time! So,

Till later..................

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