Sunday, 22 May 2011

Three Okefords Preservation Society Rally Sunday


During the day on Saturday it remained mostly sunny but with a bit of a breeze, which as a result I ended up nicely sun burnt to my legs and arms! Not too painful thankfully!

My sister Ami and her hubby Andrew along with Daughter Sophie and the terror that is Ryan paid a quick visit to us as they only live a few miles down the road, it was good to see them. Trying to find time to see everyone on a regular basis is near on impossible. Just too hectic Im afraid!

We cooked lamb chops on the cadac along with some chicken which needed eating up and had a few beers. Still being a bit delicate from the previous evening, we took it real steady!

At 1900hrs we walked up to watch the tractor pulling, now if you have never seen this you should. Its not a competitive event, but the boys and girls like to show off! These tractors arent fancy by any stretch of the imagination, infact some are seriously dog rough!

But what they lack in flashy paintwork, they make up for in pure horse power! They pull a sledge which when it sets off weighs 25 ton, then as they race up the track a rather large block of concrete is moved up the sledge which transfers more weight to the front of the sledge and increasing the drag factor. When the block is at the front its around 65 tons they are pulling!

500+bhp on a tractor, burning methonal with no silencers on the exhaust at max revs is a site to behold and also deafening!

We were also treated to a steam engine attempting to pull the sledge, which it did, with very few problems at all! It was even pulling wheelies, which is hard to imagine a steam engine doing but it was! It was under tremendous pressure, the soot coming out of the chimney was full of sparks which was might impressive!

If you want to see some tractor pulling take a look at this website these are the pro-boys!

Today, we are just chilling out, we have a whole chicken to roast on the cadac later on complete with roast potatoes and parsnips! Looking forward to that.

We are staying here again this evening, its nice not having to rush to pack up and move off! "M" has booked Monday off as holiday, and I can do as I please, well sort of.

Next week Im doing 18hr days to keep ahead of the game!

I still havent got around to putting all the pictures up that Ive got so there will be shortly a whole post with nothing but pictures!

Next weekend we are off to another show up near Trowbridge, Ill dig out the details and get them posted as well! We leave next friday morning and as its bank holiday we leave on tuesday morning.

Time now to get the bacon and eggs on! so,

till later......................

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