Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Flat Out And Worn Out! Yep Thats Me!

Its amazing the effect that only having an hours sleep has on you!

I went to bed last night around 2200hrs, "M" said I was asleep within seconds and snoring loudly. When I woke this morning I hadnt even turned over in my sleep, my right arm was dead!

Ive managed to keep going all day, but as the afternoon wore on I must admit to struggling, and opted for an easy afternoon working from the caravan.

Ive just got used to using the camera, Ive gone back to basics as I did study photography and enjoyed it. But, its been hard work getting the best from the camera and lighting set up. The results Im now getting are looking very good.

"M" was home early today, she had been away for the day on a course, and it had finished early, so we had a bit of time before we went off to "fat club"

"M" lost 1/2lb and I hadnt lost or gained anything, so not too bad but I could do alot better. Mind you it didnt help "M" bringing home chocolate cake of which I had 4 chunks!

The traffic was all stacked up on the A31 at Ringwood this morning, a woman had jumped off the bridge that crosses the dual carriage-way and she had been struck by several vehicles. Such a shame to think that she choose to do that rather than to talk to someone or face her fears. A waste of a life.

Mind you, I wouldnt of wanted to be in one of the vehicles that struck her, thats not a good start to the day.

Its something you wont forget easily either. I still remember an accident that I saw unfold in front of me. It wasnt pretty. Thankfully no one died but it was still messy.

I wonder what made her do it, can anything really be that bad, or is it just a chemical inbalance in the head that sends you off the deep end? People say its a cowards way out, well, not too sure about that, it takes alot to leap off a bridge into traffic!

But, you do wonder how it effects her family, friends etc. All thinking to themselves now, if only Id spent some time with her. Not that you can blame yourself, but the thought will be there.

A sorry state to be in, thankfully being the jolly, positive minded soul that I am, I can never see myself doing that.

Ive had some low moments, I even went and sat in a church hoping for devine intervention once. I was really at a low ebb then. Id just split up with wife no 2, Id travelled back down from Scotland, my world could be fitted into a Vauxhall Corsa, and I was sleeping on a camp bed in my parents study! Oh and I had less than £100 in my pocket!

But you can only feel sorry for yourself for so long, I gave myself a stern talking to and then set about making things happen!

You really can do anything you like if you want it bad enough, ok, there may some risks involved, but who said it was going to be easy!

So here we are, living in our caravan, enjoying life, and working hard.

"M" keeps me on the straight and narrow, she really is brilliant, never moans at me, well, sometimes but thats because its justified! And is always calm. I on the other hand can sometimes get annoyed or should I say frustrated over trivial matters.

I know I shouldnt get upset when the printer chews up the paper, or the signal drops out on my mobile when Im having an important conversation, but I just cant help it. Cammomile tea can only calm you so much!

My new client George is coming here at 0800hrs tomorrow morning to drop off some paperwork, he has seen the caravan, but not the inside so I wonder what he will think of it!

We have had a bit of a tidy up, the wine bottles are now up at the recycling point instead of around the steps!

Then its flat out, photographing, measuring, describing and listing. Going for a 10 day sale starting this friday and running till the following Monday. I didnt want it finishing on the Sunday evening as we are still away at Shillingstone Steam Show, or as its otherwise called the Three Okefords Preservation Society Steam Rally. A bit of a mouthful!

Due to unforeseen circumstances and problems that are still being resolved, Im listing everything on my own ebay account which is "bakers-cottage" so take a look over the weekend, Ive got some great tweed jackets, and some cracking pairs of brogues going up! Also got some kilts (Glasgow Andy - take note)! As soon as we have managed to sort out the problems that have been left for "bertie*woosters" we will be back up and running with that. ebay being ebay, nothing is ever done quickly!

Well, time I was off to bed, no where near pumpkin time, but Im shattered so,

till later...................

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