Saturday, 7 May 2011

Monsoon Rain Thunder And An Awning Full Of Water!

Ive been up the unit for most of the day today, cocooned in the back office without a clue as to what is happening outside!

Ive been busy working all day, so much to do! The process of getting a tweed jacket from the hanger to the customer is staggering. Just getting it up onto ebay is a major achievement!

Its been a while since Ive sold vintage clothing, but its all coming back to me as to how much hard work it all is!

But, Im not complaining, Ive got more work than I can handle, and Ive just spoke to my client who is bringing more down for me on Monday evening!

Tuesday Im off with him to Kempton, its a massive antiques fair. Ive never been before so we will be stalling out and hopefully making a few quid in the process. A bit of an early start though. We are meeting up at 2000hrs on Monday, driving up, and kipping in the van ready for the gates to open early o'clock! That beats getting up at 0400hrs for Ford Market look very easy!

"M" came up the unit late afternoon and sorted a few things out, then as we were packing up, the heavens openned!

Got back to the caravan to find some rather large puddles around the van and the roof of the awning sagging under the weight of the water! Google earth is now showing a rather large lake next to our caravan which happens to be on top of our awning!

Pushed the roof up and torrents of water flew off straight down the sides, then back in underneath the awning! We didnt put the awning carpet down this time, probably just as well, at least you can see where the puddles are!

Not sure what has happened to the awning though. I thought it was all fairly taught, but evidently not, so now not sure how to sort it out! Will have a play in daylight tomorrow, but if we get another heavy down pour, Im going to have to get up and push the water off! Deep joy!

I do feel sorry for a couple who turned up at the same time as we did back on site, with rivers of water running down the track Im not too sure how they are going to get on putting up their tent!

No plans for tomorrow, other than working! But, the way Im looking at it, the more work I do, the more I earn, and when the shows are on Ill be relaxing, and not doing any listing, so till the 19th of May its flat out!

Well, its getting late so heading off to bed, once China dog has gone out for a paddle!

Till later..............


  1. Great blog and your example of full timing certainly inspired me to take the plunge, curently on day 13 of full timing, even got a Cadac! Its brilliant but struggled a little when I barbecued for 20! Only got a porch awning at the moment so definatelty need to to invest in a full size like your goodselves.
    Cheers Andy

  2. Do you raise your caravan before putting tha awning up? I find that 3 or 5 inch blocks under the van wheels even on level ground helps so much for water run off for the awning.

  3. Hi Andyclaret1 Certainly raising the caravan a couple of inches may be the trick as the ground slopes up so will try that next time, great bit of advice!

    And to Andy, yet another inspired full timer! And using a cadac! Glad your enjoying the lifestyle.