Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Campers! Are You?

Ive just been catching up with some reading of the Caravan Club Mag and the Camping and Caravan Club Mag.

In May's issue of the Camping and Caravan Club mag there was an interesting article on why campers are happy!

The reseach carried out reveals that campers are fundamentally happier, more satisfied, less lonely and less stressed than someone who has never camped!

Ok, I can agree with all of that, we have seen a massive change in how we feel! Very hard to describe, but even when its freezing cold outside, to go out side and be that close to nature is awesome. Not even going into your back garden feels the same as it does on a site!

We feel very luck to be able to do what we are doing, I know its not for everyone, but for those of you sat at home reading this with your caravan sat on your driveway, what the heck are you doing! Get on out there and enjoy life!

You dont even have to go far, but use it. I know its easy to say you relax at home, but do you? Always something to do, shopping, chores, and all the domesticated things you need to do, but come on, if you dont cut the grass this weekend is it really the end of the world!

Must admit, we used to be the same, our caravan was parked up in a field most of the time. But, knowing what we know now, it wouldnt be!

So the statistics back up what we have been saying that camping does make you happier.

Both of us can definately vouch for that!

To find out more take a look at this site

Ask yourself honestly, why didnt we get away this weekend, even just for the night! There really are no excuses!

Till later................


  1. Well of course you are right and we can also confirm that we are happier than before (living in a house). Fresh foods from local stores (tesco only sells imported chinese junk and irradiated monsanto foods and arsenic full tomatoes).

    We have never felt so healthy and alive and we are only 6 weeks into this living in a caravan malarchy. There are only so many times we can say "Why did we not do this earlier".

    And you know what is best? Well all the food we buy on the weekly shops is about 30£ cheaper than going to a supermarket :) I mean where else can you buy local veg that lasts more than a week!!!!! Bacon has no white foam when cooked... I mean come on.

    As you know you inspired us and I am sure you will inspire others.

    And remember that NOT ALL SITES have a 28 day rule :) Caravan Club = 21 days max. We love it so much at our present site we have booked in until end of June.

    I am sat here in my caravan, all showered and watered and fed, I cannot think of one thing that you cannot do that can be done in a house! My back garden is about 30 square miles in size and I have a gravel driveway :)

    Keep writing, we keep reading.

    All the best


  2. I think the significant thing here is that you don't have kids. Keep it like that and you'll probably be fine...

  3. Hi to be honest, this kind of life would be no problems even with a child, we would not change the way we lived, we would just change the caravan and go for a different layout. What is wrong with bringing a kid up in the fresh air, masses of room to play in a safe environment with nature all around them! Better than cotton wool and a X box! Our kids are all grown up age 24, 23 and 17 and fending for themselves. Our caravan and awning is larger than some flats that we have seen, no gardens, and the smell of urine in the stair wells. I know where Id rather be.
    The kids can learn about nature from experience not from a book or the internet, build dens and enjoy being kids. All the things that I did as a kid, before the nanny state and the weirdos moved into our society, and took the fun out of enjoying the great outdoors.