Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Awning Down - Ready For Move Tomorrow Evening!

After work this evening this evening it was a quick trip into get weighed at fat club, I lost a whopping 6Lb this week so was well chuffed, so more Guiness, fish n chips and cheesecake!

"M" lost 1/2Lb and was not impressed!

We move tomorrow, so we got the big awning down this evening, I got most of it done on my own whilst "M" did a quick trip to the laundrette. It came down with no fuss, and in the dry. Ill be taking it up the unit tomorrow and we will be using the little awning for the next week or so!

We head for Shillingstone and the Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally Im waiting for "M" to finish work then we are travelling down, it should only take us 40 mins max to get there. I said I would help set up on Friday morning, then in the afternoon we are going to see my parents.

Back at the rally on Friday evening we are meeting up with my old friend Mr Gulliver as he is putting in the bar for all us exhibitors!

Looking forward to having a pint or two with him.

Ive also got to get the engine, Im undecided whether to put it in the trailer or in the back of the Land Rover, the trailer is the easy option, but then I have to find somewhere for the trailer to go as at the rally its always a bit tight for space!

We are having broadband and a phone line put in up at the unit, it will make my life so much easier, not that the dongle doesnt work well, because it does, but the caravan and awning wont look like a post office and everything will be in one place. 8th June the engineer is coming to sort it all out.

Will then get the Apple Mac fired up and my head around using it! Hopefully it wont take to long to get used to it. Has anyone else swapped from PC to Mac? if so how did you find it?

Well, a few emails to send then thats me, just eaten celery wrapped in smoked ham with a cheese sauce, lovely and for a change not cooked on the cadac!

Till later..............


  1. Jools I've changed from PC to Mac. It is fat better but needs practice, but if you need to you can duel boot and run windows if you miss it. Not too many do though. I have found the hardest is moving away from Word but that's just because it's everywhere. If you change your mind and need to run windows on the mac give me a call. I also have a book on the mac I can lend you.

  2. Hi Mark, yep that book would be great, let me know costs etc and Ill paypal up cost of postage etc.

  3. I am about to move across to a Mac as well so will be interested to see how you get on.
    I am about to embark on a European tour with my oldish Hymer Starline 680 covering as many mountains on my bike as possible.

    i am looking to take an ipad 2 with me to cover the trips that I do. I will also be videoing the rides and plotting the routes that I make.

    I would like a link to and from your blog if possible.

    Keep up the good work. I have roughed it for over 7 years with my family living in Europe and me working in London. Just about to finish my time and move full time to Europe now. Cannot wait...