Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Next Show! Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally 21st 22nd May 2011

Our next show is the Three Okefords Preservation Society Annual Rally on the 21st & 22nd of May.

We both consider this to be one of our favourites, its only a small show, but with a bit of everything including tractor pulling! Which if you have never seen before is awesome.

After changing the plug and cleaning the magneto on my engine its running really well so fingers crossed that it stays that way!

A couple of other tickets arrived today for shows, which are the Mosterton Summer Show 2nd & 3rd July and the Selwood Steam And Vintage Vehicle Preservation Society Southwick Rally 28th 29th and 30th May.

We havent been to either of these shows before so will be interesting to see how these turn out.

We both went to fat club this evening to be weighed in. After not having been for two weeks as we have been away, and eating and drinking all the wrong things, such as easter eggs, hot cross buns x 3, ice cream (various amounts) cider, ale, rum, red wine, (copious amounts) bacon and egg rolls (several), danish pastries x 2, chips (various portions).

But, I was pleasently surprised to find that I had actually lost 1.5Lbs! Ok, not a great loss, but considering the amount of bad/wrong food I thought I would of gained.

"M" managed to put on 1/2Lb, I did tell her not to have the chocolate brownies, but she wouldnt listen!

So back on track again now, and will be good till the 21st May!

My meeting with my new client went very well today, a deal has been struck, so now Im flat out with so much work it will be a struggle to keep up with it! Not that Im complaining in the slightest. in fact its a nice problem to have.

Im back down the other side of Dorchester again tomorrow morning first thing to collect stock and a few bits and pieces from him. Will tell you more about it all once Im up and running!

Had to get the unit sorted out this afternoon to make way for all the new stock arriving and of the setting up of the new photographic studio! Have now gone proper professional with flash lighting mounted to tripods x 2, with a purpose built photo box. Ill take a picture once Ive constructed it. It will all make sense then!

Finally the new owners came to day to collect their drinks cabinet, which sold for just under a fiver! They seemed very happy with it, and so they should!

Well, enough from me, up with the sparrows again tomorrow, so,

Till later................


  1. I see you mention receiving your tickets for the next show.
    I have always wondered how folks with no permanent address get their mail. I suppose you have it sent to your office/store but how do others cope ? Do they have some accomodation address or P.O. Box number ? I would be interested to learn.
    Regards to you and M.

  2. I cant speak for others but we are down as living at our parents address, nothing illegal or wrong with that, we are on an extended holiday! So our post goes there. You can have your mail held at your nearest sorting office and you collect it yourself. This is a free service which very few people know about.

  3. There are so many options available to posted mail and living full time in a caravan, after all you tell all the important mail to goto your designated address and then you get less spam :)

    There are no issues with post, showering, toilets and sleeping whilst being in a van full time.

    We are just about to enter day 30 and so far no probs.

    All the best.