Sunday, 29 May 2011

New Blood Required Or These Shows Will Die Out!

This is only our second year of exhibiting out stationary engine. In that time we have met many interesting and genuine people.

But, the one thing that is very evident is that 80% of the exhibitors are over the age of 60, which then poses the question, what happens when these folk are too old to exhibit?

Take away 80% of the exhibitors and you dont have a show!

We at the ripe age of mid 40 are considered youngsters here! There are a few young lads with their dads or grandparents here, but very few, not enough to ensure that these sort of shows stay alive.

These shows are so important to our heritage, where else can you get to see these types of vehicles and stationary engines working? The answer is you cant.

We are lucky that to bring our engine its not too expensive, certainly nothing compared to bringing a vintage lorry, steam engine or tractor. None of the exhibitors are paid, so all the fuel that is used comes straight out of the exhibitors pockets.

Its an expensive hobby for some! Which is why its so important to support these shows, so if you hear of one in your area, why not go along, ok, it costs to get in, but the vast majority of the money is then handed over to local charities, which has got to be a good thing!

And whilst you are here, you are supporting our heritage and working vehicles of yesteryear. Stop and talk to the exhibitors, all of them are happy to talk about their pride and joy.

Or you could go one step further like us and actually help to save our heritage by getting involved and running an engine!

We always have great weekends, rain or shine it doesnt matter. We are here, and so should you be!

Till later............

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