Saturday, 7 May 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Not too sure where this week has gone!

My new client has landed me with a proposition that I couldnt refuse, so apart from one day a week where I am back in good ole' Shaston the rest of my time is now taken!

I will be running an ebay site, selling vintage clothing and sporting accessories, the name I will release once things are up and running!

Its all very exciting, with a great deal of work to do!

Its also a cracking deal for me, so Im not complaining at all. As with most things in life, if you put the effort in then you will be rewarded.

Today I set up my new photographic studio up at the unit, complete with two flash-lights, which Im trying to get my head around, Ive almost got it sussed, but coupled with using a new camera its a bit of a learning curve! The camera is a Nikon D3000 with a Nikon 18-55mm lens.

Not to mention the new apple mac desktop computer! Not having any real experience of mac its a bit of a challenge to get it all up and running.

There has been plenty of swearing and cursing going on whilst Im making mistakes!

Stock now is not an issue, Ive got more tweed jackets than a posh gentlemans outfitters!

Of course I will be plying my wares on here! So if you ever fancied looking like the landed gentry, then Ive bound to have the tweed jacket for you, Ive also got over a dozen barbour jackets of various sizes, ready for a downpour!

Im taking over running an existing ebay site, to say its had a few problems recently is a bit of an understatement, its been badly managed by the previous person who ran it, but now that Im on board its just the mess to clear up, and move on! There is alot of mess to clear up, and I think a few negative feedbacks will be whizzing in over the next couple of weeks, whilst I try and sort out what the heck has been going on! The previous person has been given the boot so its really a fresh start all around.

The guy who owns the business is a smashing bloke, as with all antique/traders, slightly off his rocker, but so far so good! He is totally hands off, all he wants to do is buy the stock, my job is to sell it!

Im just glad that we have the unit, without it I wouldnt of been able to do any of this, its just too big a project.

So between the shows this year, its absolutely flat out, long hours and no doubt alot of stress as well, but the upside, I can feel a new 4x4 coming on!

As its now pumpkin time at 0001hrs Im off to bed, another long day tomorrow, working all weekend, and if this weather keeps up, its currently pouring down with lightening flashing around us, then I dont think Ill be missing much!

Till later...........................

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  1. Sounds like business is picking up for you. Keep the life/work balance in check and enjoy the fruits of your labour.